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Johnny Ventura

1.Heat oven to 425 degrees. First toss the potato wedges (steak fries) 3 -4 tablespoon olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon oregano; season with salt and pepper into a plastic bag. Then spread the potatoes out in an even layer (its O.K. if some overlap) using non stick aluminum foil on a sheet pan. Roast, tossing gently once halfway through cooking, about 30-35 minutes transfer to big serving plate.2.While potatoes roast, prepare the chicken: Coat chicken using plastic bag w/ olive oil and season the c

Johnny Ventura

chicken with salt, pepper and the remaining 1 teaspoon oregano. (use convection oven at 325 degrees), cook the chicken until it is golden brown (about 20-25 minutes), turn midway if needed and transfer the chicken to the serving plate.3.Add butter and garlic a skillet and cook until the butter is melted and the garlic is fragrant and just beginning to brown, 2 to 3 minutes. Add the chicken stock and wine (white or Marsala to the skillet bring to a simmer and cook for 3-4 minutes. (add pe


If you have the time, this can be a one pot meal. I have a large cast iron square pan that holds 6-8 thighs. Any cooking pot that can go under a broiler will work. I roasted the potatoes, removed, browned the chicken, removed and sauteed garlic w/butter and deglazed the pan. Put all back together and roasted for another 45 minutes, including broiling. I prepared the peas separately so they retained a bit of al dente. From a previous note, this is a perfect Sunday supper.

Nancy Newell

Super easy and perfect dish for an early Sunday dinner. We prefer our chicken falling off the bone so next time will allow more cooking time for chicken. Served with fresh green leaf lettuce that was tossed with olive oil and the rest of the lemon squeezed over the top. Once you make this dish you won't need the recipe because it's just that simple. So delicious!!

Margaux Laskey, Senior Staff Editor, NYT Cooking

I think herbes de Provence might be nice too.


i’m seeing a lot of soggy potato complaints, to which i’d say you’re clearly not a chicagoan. this is an amazing home rendition of a dish i grew up knowing and loving, and my girlfriend (who has tried endless versions in endless restaurants,) absolutely loved it. the potatoes are meant to be soaked in the white wine sauce, it’s part of it. it pairs well with the crisp of the chicken, you’re not doing it wrong!


I would add the peas for the last 5 min. in the oven


As a former Chicagoan, every place I've had the dish it had a sprinkling of pepper flakes in it.


Delish. Made enough potatoes to turn into soup with all that yummy sauce.


Margaux I have not made this dish but I will. I just wanted to say “thank you” for responding to our questions. I don’t always see this happening on NYT published recipes. You’re great!

Sandi Welch

Used half the potatoes, added heirloom carrots, doubled the sauce, and put the finished chicken over barely sauteed baby spinach (don't like cooked peas) for a delicious one-bowl meal. Simple, quick and impressive looking in a pasta bowl.

Margaux Laskey, Senior Staff Editor, NYT Cooking

My guess is you didn't season enough with salt and pepper as you cooked. Potatoes need generous seasoning because they really soak it up!


As a lifelong Chicagoan who has dined many times at La Scarola, this recipe exactly hits the mark. THIS IS CHICKEN VESUVIO. Do not change a thing, substitute a thing, or skimp on a thing. Perfection!!


I remember this dish from my time in Chicago 40 years ago. Back then many restaurants added baby artichokes or sliced artichoke bottoms to make it a complete protein-starch-vegetable meal. The artichokes don't add any color but they're a better idea than peas.


no. you will be arrested by the cooking police. since it's still chicken, you'll probably get probation rather than jail time. If you manage to escape arrest, you may still find chicken breast slightly dryer than chicken thigh.


any experience/advice on making a day ahead and reheating?


Despite forgetting to add the chicken bouillon cubes to the water/sauce, still a hit. A clean, wholesome "home food" dinner. I made it with boneless skinless thighs so even faster to make.


This is a quick, delicious, easy to make recipe. I made this for a large crowd for a dinner party, and it was a huge hit! I pretty much followed the recipe. Except I double the portions. Also, I seasoned the potatoes and chicken with a lot more oregano, salt and pepper and I added a little chopped fresh rosemary. I also added the fresh parsley and lemon juice to the sauce. I omitted the peas.

Susan McDermott

This is on our regular rotation. A total winner. No complaints, no improvements necessary. A winner.


Seemed like a fancy dish on a Monday night but actually was not difficult, it was super satisfying all the way around. I used my gigantic cast iron pan and was able to fit 8 thighs into it. The only swap we did was no peas, and put in maybe 3 T of capers. Instead of pouring the sauce and putting the chicken in the 9x13, we kept everything in the cast iron and did the baking and broiling in that pan.


I replaced about half of the potatoes with carrots and parsnips, and I left the peas out. Hearty, delicious, one pot meal.

José Moreno

I read this recipe just today. I cooked it almost almost exactly as described here with only two differences: I used two Italian garlic cloves (they are big) instead of the 6 to 8 recommended here. The other, I used lemon zest instead of lemon juice and added it to the white wine and chicken broth when I was making the gravy. It is a keeper, absolutely delicious!

Jim Yerfdog

Followed the recipe and ended up with half made chicken thigh soup. Should have known better. Reduce the white wine and chx stock by half. add the peas 5-10 minutes before (H/T Barbara from 3 years ago) you're finished cooking and a sprig of thyme. Finish in the oven with the same skillet you've seared the chx and sauce with. Also, I made French Fries separately instead of the wedges. Who wants soggy potato wedges anyway.

Joan M

With no instruction to drain off chicken fat, I left it in. That fat plus the added butter made it extremely greasy. I didn't think it had a lot of flavor and will not make again.

Steve Blair

Made this pretty much per the instructions and it was great. Double the garlic, cook the potatoes about an extra 10 minutes, double the sauce and add peas in the last 5 minutes. Excellent!

Michael D.

Did not realize this was a thing outside Vesuvio restaurant in Carmel-by-the-Sea! Theirs has chipotle pepper added to the cream sauce and artichokes.


more garlic!

true testarossa

I thought this dish would be delish based on the flavor profile, but it disappointed. We found it to be on the bland side, and at the table we all added salt and a dash of "Pop's Hots" (similar to cayenne but lends wonderful depth) which helped. Next time, I'll use salted butter, add a bit more salt to the sauce (to taste), use more spice (HdP), and maybe more wine. I read that in the original version the potatoes are not supposed to be crisp, but I will crisp them a bit. My 2 cents!


I will doubled the recipe I have a large family ,


Great recipe!

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Chicken Vesuvio Recipe (2024)


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