Grouper Fillets With Ginger and Coconut Curry Recipe (2024)



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It's good. I used cod instead of grouper, which wasn't available in my store. But overall, the recipe needs some acid - I added lime juice at the end, which helped brighten it up. I served over rice.


I found the sauce to be a bit bland, so I added chili garlic paste, fish sauce, and a squeeze of lime juice to brighten it up. Also added julienned sweet red pepper. No grouper available here so I used cod and it worked fine.


Great recipe as-is but on the second go-around, I doubled the curry paste and added juice from one lime and had better results. Also works well with salmon.


Didn't have Grouper so used Snapper. Sauce was a little bland so added salt & pepper, sambal oelek, and lime juice - was excellent! I will make this over and over again

Toronto Cook

The sauce and the flavours are amazing. Definitely double the curry paste and I would also cook the fish last. Ours got overcooked and rubbery.


I’ve made this dish a few times now, using sea bass every time. The first two times I followed the recipe to the letter, but tonight was in a hurry and didn’t feel like making any more effort than necessary. Sliced the carrots on a bias, the leek in half moons. Skipped the snap peas, and simmered all the veggies in the curry sauce after they were about 2/3 cooked through. Seared off the fish while the curry simmered. Also added fish sauce and lime juice per other recommendations. Delish!

Caryn Overbey

Followed some of the previous notes. Made this for two, so 1/2of most things. Added julienned red pepper to the veggies. Also added lime juice and zest and some spinach, because we had it in the fridge.. I sauteed the veggies slightly, then added the coconut milk (used an entire can) without removing the veggies. Started with grocery store red curry paste (it was open and in the fridge), but it needed more heat, so opened a Thai red curry paste from the Asian market. Put over rice.


Delicious. Next time try with shrimp.


Used Sea Bass. Cooked them skin down covered in a covered pan. Made the coconut sauce ahead of time. Reheated sauce and added pre cooked vegetables while the fish cooked. No modifications whatsoever. It was amazing.


Very nice but needs a flavor boost. Lime juice and sambal olek helped but needs more.


Delicious. Part of the regular repertoire now. Yes to adding lime juice at the end.


Agree with many previous notes, bland sauce, added line juice, palm sugar and fish sauce. Nice colors


This was delicious but I did make some adjustments similar to other reviewers. I used sea bass, and simply baked it in the oven while I was making the rest. I added in mushrooms, red and orange bell pepper. Doubled the Thai chili paste, and also added in a lemongrass turmeric paste + fresh lime juice, and a few dashes of fish sauce. Then garnished everything with fresh cilantro and fresh basil. Would absolutely make again! I think this would also be really delicious with shrimp.


I also doubled the chili paste and cooked the fish last as was suggested by other cooks. It was delicious. Will make it again.


This was great but a few things I would add. I totally agree that a squeeze of lime at the end would be perfect. And was maybe also some chopped toasted peanuts and I would add. Maybe some lemongrass if you have it. I'm guessing this recipe was written well before. That was an easy thing to get.


I actually prefer this recipe with green curry paste instead! So good.


As others have said, sauce needs some help. I added kafir lime leaves, lime juice, salt, fish sauce, and palm sugar.


This was really delicious. I cooked the grouper at the end while I simmered the sauce, to which I added juice from half a lime and a small amount of fish sauce, then added the veggies back in at the end to re-warm. I added a little salt to the veggies and to the sauce. The vegetables were crisp and bright. This had the perfect amount of heat, but I also have curry paste that is super spicy. Served over rice.


Super delicious. Suitable for company. Used halibut. Heeded others’ notes and prepped sauce and veggies first, then seared fish last and added directly to finished sauce; no hanging out in the oven. Doubled curry paste, added fish sauce and a lot of lime and cilantro at the end. Served with jasmine rice.


Added lime and butternut squash as I out of carrots. Pre roasted the squash with olive oil and garam masala


I made this dish exactly as the recipe describes and it was absolutely delicious. I couldn’t understand why so many comments were about it being bland and flavorless. Then the next time I made it, grouper was not available and I used cod. The dish was unrecognizable. Bland and boring. I will only make it with grouper in future!

maureen sullivan

Used frozen grouper. A lovely soup


Add more red curry paste for spicer flavor


Loved this recipe. I subbed red snapper for grouper. Added slightly more red curry paste than called for, and added salt to the sauce. Really letting it reduce enhances the flavor. Served over jasmine rice.


Added shiitakes and sweet red peppers, thinly sliced, but still pretty bland. Maybe some fish sauce.

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Grouper Fillets With Ginger and Coconut Curry Recipe (2024)


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